Sales of merchandise that depend on a third-party service component, such as cell phones, have a unique place in the retail environment. Connolly has deep expertise in this complex ecosystem of specialty suppliers and the particular nature of activation-based commissions. This experience enables us to recover lost profits and clarify potential contract ambiguities, resulting in reduced future errors.


  • Each opportunity found is carefully and thoroughly documented, and we pursue recovery with our signature transparency, diligence and professionalism that produces the best results for our clients.

About the Company

Connolly | iHealthTechnologies is now Cotiviti. 

At Cotiviti, we help our clients unlock value through the unique insights we find in the intricate streams of data and other information relevant to their business relationships. 

Our analytic capabilities are a fusion of specialized industry and technical knowledge with creative thinking, enabling technologies and a collaborative approach to understanding our client’s business. 

Our employees share a passion for providing every client a quality, fulfilling customer experience. We share a high sensitivity to the importance of our clients’ business relationships while achieving compliance to contracts, agreements and policies. Our teams work closely and diligently with clients to ensure the highest degree of accuracy in every interaction and recommendation. 

Through Cotiviti Healthcare and Connolly, Cotiviti provides services to 20 of the top 25 U.S. healthcare payers and nine of the top 10 U.S. retailers, respectively.

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