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PRICEXPERT: Price optimization software for mid to large retailers

Improve profit margins with PRICEXPERT, a performance-based pricing automation solution. It analyzes sales, inventory, customer data, product data, and your competition to determine optimal prices. Created by retailers for retailers, PRICEXPERT integrates quickly with any business with minimal training. 

Integrate Curated Competitor Prices

Our customer-focused solution allows you to price quickly and consistently across all markets and channels. Improve profit margins with PRICEXPERT, our product performance-based pricing automation solution. Analyze sales, inventory, customer data, product data, and your competition to determine optimal prices. Created by retailers for retailers, PRICEXPERT integrates quickly with any business system, and requires minimal training.


PriceExpert equips you with proven technology so that you can draw additional revenue and profit from your operation. This powerful, all-in-one solution affords retailers and distributors predictive analysis and guidance capabilities to infuse your corporate strategies with greater detail and accuracy.

Automate the complicated task of managing prices for any number of products.
Deploy a repeatable, scaleable pricing methodology, while speeding analysis and execution.
Utilize best practices, a robust set of automated business rules, and leverage advanced analytic capabilities.

  • Manage thousands of SKUs
  • Easy to use pricing software
  • Track sales vs. forecast
  • SaaS platform for quick ROI 

Software to Simplify Price Management

Consolidate your pricing initiatives into “what-if” scenarios with Pricexpert, estimating revenue and profit prior to implementation. Go back, modify, and visualize again, until you reach the goals required by the organization. 

  • Intuitive design
  • Cloud-based
  • Visibility is critical 

A clearer, better, faster, and more productive way to achieve your pricing optimization goals.

PRICEXPERT is designed to help you run as lean as possible and find every ounce of profit that you can squeeze out of razor-thin margins.

Efficient and responsive – price proactively and understand the true value that your customers are looking for.

Gain Expertise – do things that you though was restricted to the big retailers.

Affordable – you won’t have to mortgage your company’s future with huge, long-term user fees. 

Speed analysis and execution — pricing automation blends best practices, aggressive business rules, and comprehensive price management.

Use any ERP system – Pricexpert is ERP agnostic. Draw on your existing database to help you plan increase sales, reduce inventory, increase profit, grow market share.

Categorize and filter inventory – pinpoint different products for different go-to-market strategies.

About the Company

APL is a SaaS provider of performance-based pricing, promotion, kits, and competitive insight for retailers and distributors. APL helps retailers scientifically manage and optimize product pricing. Created by retailers for retailers, Pricexpert delivers consistent ROI with a low TCO. Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, APL delivers artificial intelligence-based pricing solutions that retailers use to price and analyze price change impacts, as well as to track price change results vs. the forecasted impact. With Pricexpert, retailers can obtain cutting-edge analytics, an experienced business partner and an emerging solution for today’s competitive retail industry. Pricing is our passion.

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