Agriculture Drones

Agriculture Drones

3D Robotics


Dramatically faster than walking the field: Quickly identify and assess issues with high-resolution aerial imagery, make informed decisions and precisely target actions in the field.

Better returns: The Solo drone with the Site Scan application helps farmers and agronomists make informed business decisions and precisely target action in the field, resulting in lower costs and better returns.

Quickly uncover the issue: The Solo drone with the Site Scan application generates maps to identify crop stress, issues with equipment and creates digital elevation models of your field. It is as simple as selecting the area to survey and Solo takes off and autonomously captures the needed images.


  • Informed agriculture: Get actionable data, minimize costs, and make smarter business decisions using the Solo drone powered by the Site Scan app.

About the Company

3DR is committed to helping people see their world from above. We’re North America’s largest consumer and commercial drone manufacturer, known for making Solo—the world’s first Smart Drone—and the Pixhawk, the world’s most popular autopilot platform.

3DR makes advanced drone technology easily accessible to consumers for everyday exploration, as well as for business applications in data analysis, mapping, 3D modeling and more for agriculture, construction, infrastructure and ecological study.

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