AiFi - AI for Retail Stores

AiFi - AI for Retail Stores

AiFi Inc.


Your Store + AI = ♥

A checkout free system tailored to your store 

Fast Shopping + Happy Customers = $$$

Never let your customers stand in line again 


  • Use our apps to tag customers as they enter or seamlessly integrate into your own systems 


  • Your customers shop like always. Filling their carts and maybe even putting items back where they don't belong 


  • Watch your delighted customers walk out, accounts seamlessly debited. Minutes spent in line = zero



  • From tiny bodegas to huge retailers, single-cam to multi-cam systems, our product scales to fit your needs 


  • Minimal setup and using existing in-store cameras means you get up and running in no time 


  • Easily track customers, inventory & behaviour to get realtime insights into what's working and what isn't

About the Company

AiFi is a computer vision startup that provides cashier-free retail software. AiFi claims that its A.I., sensor, and camera network-based system can scale from a small mom-and-pop all the way up to a big retailer with tens of thousands of square feet and a hundred thousand products.

Based in Santa Clara, AiFi was founded in January 2016 by Steve Gu and Ying Zheng, a married couple whose previous experience includes time spent at both Google and Apple.

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