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Fully Autonomous Store Platform - Give a brain to your business

Simple. Cameras.

  • We're not trying to re-build markets from the ground up, but retrofit them with new technologies. All the Autonomous Store Platform needs in order to operate is the right number of cameras, which are designed to be easy to install and environmentally friendly. 

Understanding Relevant Actions

  • Our work in Vision AI focuses on understanding the interaction between humans and the physical world. Years of research enabled us to autonomously understand activities such as picking up items, opening a door, or eating an apple. 

Identifying many, many, many objects in real time

  • Your local convenience store might have as many as 20,000 different products on its shelves right now. We identify items of any shape using novel deep learning techniques, and make sure they are always stocked, fresh, and ready for sale. 

Simulated Training

  • Don't have any image data of your store or its products? Don't worry, we will procedurally generate it using our simulated environment. All we have to do is place each product inside a machine for 5 minutes, and voilà, the AI will learn to identify it in all plausible situations. 

Aipoly App

  • Gain access to all autonomous markets with a free augmented reality companion app.
  • Learn about any product by pointing your camera at it. The Aipoly app is both an authentication token and a powerful visual search engine that can be used on products. 

Aipoly Vision

  • Download our free accessibility app made to help the blind and visually impaired explore the world and identify objects in real time. Loved by over half a million people.
  • You can teach Aipoly Vision to learn new items, and in return help create an affordable AI tool for people with low vision.


200,000 new small businesses are born every day around the world. We help bring their products on shelves near you using AI, turning any space into a fully working market.
No queues, no checkout. 

The Platform's camera system is installed in 1 day and grants:

Unprecedented Instantaneous Data

Market owners and suppliers can view the movement of  products in real time, gaining instant notifications on stock-outs, sales, and rich analytics obtainable nowhere else. Aipoly's AI can track items on shelves at intervals of a few milliseconds, making suggestions for ideal layouts, allowing fast A/B testing, producing heat maps, and a lot more. 

No cards, no cash, no checkout

The Autonomous Store Platform allows you to pick up items, walk away, and charges you upon exit. Download the Aipoly app to set up an account, and you will gain checkoutless access to all Autonomous Markets worldwide. You will get a detailed receipt as soon as you exit the market's door or perimeter. 

Towards Automatic Replenishment

Every 50 milliseconds, each autonomous market performs a full inventory scan. We know what's left, where it is, and can estimate how long products will stay on shelves in real-time. If anything passes the display-by date, we will notify both the market owners and shoppers who pick up the potentially expired product. 

Learns your taste, works for you

The Autonomous Store Platform learns the preferences of each member and adapts to an ideal mix of products. If customers are looking for a certain item we direct them to the exact shelf it's on. If their favorite products are not in their local store, they can request them through the Aipoly app.

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