Alation Inc.


Alation Data Catalog: A Single Source of Reference

Alation is where everyone in your organization can find the data that they need to collaborate. Alation automatically indexes your data by source. It 
also automatically gathers knowledge about your data. Like Google, Alation uses machine learning to continually improve human understanding. Use Alation to work better together, use data with confidence, improve productivity, and index all your data knowledge. 


  • Work Better Together - Everyone in the organization, from data novices to experts, can easily search, collaborate and leverage knowledge from one trustworthy source. 
  • Index All Data Knowledge - Automatically collect all knowledge about data and its usage so useful information is always available to all in your organization.
  • Use Data With Confidence - Share insights that are always relevant, up-to-date, accurate and easy-to-reference across the entire organization.
  • Improve Productivity - Reduce the time needed to onboard employees, document data and write complex SQL queries with one easy-to-use interface.

About the Company

Alation is the first data catalog built for collaboration. With Alation, analysts are empowered to search, query and collaborate on their data to achieve faster, more accurate insights. Alation automatically captures the rich context of enterprise data, including what the data describes, who has used it, and the fit between the data and different types of analysis. Alation’s catalog is generated and updated using machine learning and improved through human collaboration between analysts, stewards, experts and business users. Alation is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Bloomberg Beta, Costanoa Venture Capital, Data Collective and General Catalyst Partners. Customers include eBay, MarketShare and some of the world’s largest finance and retail firms.

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