Algorithms to decode the style genome for fashion retailers

Algorithms to decode the style genome for fashion retailers



Two business solutions

(1) Style APIs: Personalisation tool that filters and matches styles of customers to products/brands, so that retailers can tailor their offer to individual shoppers.

(2) StylSights: Style analytics & business intelligence tool combining customer style insights and market intelligence, enabling retailers to monitor and stay on top of the market. This increases conversion, minimizes markdowns and improves inventory planning


Our main competitive advantage is our deep learning algorithm methodology that powers our tools. It is the main reason why we were selected as a start-up partner for a major UK retailer in a 10-week programme (ongoing). It offers retailers solutions that are both time and cost efficient. Additionally, we cover online personalisation as well as advanced analytics – both of great importance to today’s fashion retailer. The options offered by competitors cover either one or the other, or don’t provide the level of insight into customers and the market that we do. 

Benefits for retailers and brands,

-With the use of the Genostyle Stylsight buyers will be able to take better buying decisions to increase turnover and margins.

-Deliver a true relevant personalized experience with the implementation of the Genostyle API leading to higher CTR and purchases online

-“Connect” and understand their customers from a style perspective (rather than a limited brand/SKU tracking) to optimize the portfolio.

-Gather valuable insights using a flexible algorithm solution that will be tailored to the retailer needs in terms of proposal templates that will allow us to zooming in on client-specific areas where we could make the most difference

About the Company

Genostyle specializes in algorithm-based style insights for fashion retailers. Our big data, machine-learning proprietary algorithms break fashion style down into quantifiable data, which is used to build a style genome or “genostyle” of a customer or a brand. This style genome powers our two main B2B solutions: StylSights SaaS, a style analytics and business intelligence platform, and Style APIs, a tool for online personalization. To date, we have sequenced the genostyles of 10K+ brands and track over 10MM products. Our algorithms improve the ability to match styles 4.5 times.