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JustEnough’s Allocation solution takes all the guesswork out of allocating products to locations. It uses allocation rules to model performance criteria to determine the best placement of stock. Taking current stock, inbound stock and need into account, the solution quickly allocates inventory to locations to maximize selling potential.

Stock can be pre-allocated to increase warehouse efficiency by enabling the cross-dock of stock on arrival. Additionally, configurable allocation rules allow for managing different phases of the product lifecycle including new products, ongoing and pushing out stock for end-of-life products.


  • Allocation Review.
  • Allocation Rules Management.
  • Prepack Allocation.

About the Company

JustEnough® is a leading provider of Demand Management solutions for retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses and is serving the planning needs of many of the world’s leading brands. Available OnSite and OnCloud, JustEnough’s innovative solutions help companies to forecast customer demand; plan assortments, allocations and inventory; shape demand with markdowns and promotions and then execute on those plans.

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