Analytics, Advisory & Executive Education

Analytics, Advisory & Executive Education

RetailNet Group LLC


Analytics: The best analytics source in the industry. Nobody gives you a better view of the drivers shaping the future of retail, and then translates them into the real implications for your business. You'll get exactly what you need in the fewest steps and have immediate access to leading analysts who will help see the future retail landscape – and the best ways to prepare for change.

Advisory: From insights to impact. Our Advisory practice produces answers to your business questions. Global, forward-looking perspective of factors shaping the industry. We help to translate a vision of the future landscape into steps to take today. Get the right capabilities and resources in place to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Executive Education: Bringing the future to your organization. We don't just teach — we turn executives into experts. Our professional and organizational development programs offer advanced classes from leading retail experts and business school faculty. The result is real-world insights that serve as a catalyst for exciting new business transformations. You'll also have the unique opportunity to network with retail and brand thought leaders.


  • The most global subscription service available for continuous insights and retail intelligence, long-range forecasts, store trends, with access to analysts.
  • Our team instantly extends your research capabilities with a proven approach to answering complex questions, and bringing new thinking and insights to your business planning process.
  • Our Advanced Retail Strategy Institute is the industry’s premier educational platform for individuals and organizations to develop the knowledge for 2020 preparedness and advantage.

About the Company

RNG is the leading insight and advisory firm with specialized expertise in forward-thinking guidance pertaining to retail growth. 

We have over 60 years of collective experience in retail strategy, brand leadership, operations, merchandising and consumer marketing.We help clients stay 48-60 months ahead of what will happen in retail. Our clients include chain retailers, branded manufactures and select service providers. 

We are experts in activating leading-edge thinking about current and future states of retail markets and retailers, the growth strategies retailers will pursue, and the capabilities and competencies that enable retailers and suppliers to lead.

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