Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket

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AnswerRocket makes it possible to get Answers from any data source by asking plain english questions.

What makes AnswerRocket so innovative? It works the way you think.

AnswerRocket speaks your language, instead of the other way around. With such a simplified approach, any business user can easily tap into the power of their data. 

An Answer for Every Question

  • Gartner calls what we do “search-based data discovery” – and discovery is exactly what our customers love about AnswerRocket. Explore your business faster than with a traditional BI tool. 

Visualizations With Instant Options

  • Based on the question you ask, AnswerRocket creates a chart that best suits your data. But if you’d rather see a different type, switch with just a single click. Easily change colors, labels, and more. 

Dashboards Are Just the Beginning

  • Before, dashboards took months to compile – and about the same time to modify. With AnswerRocket, any answer can be automatically saved to a dashboard. 

Drill Down and Full Data Exploration

  • What happens after you get an answer? You usually have even more questions. AnswerRocket’s interactive charts let users drill into any dimension for deeper discovery. 

Smarter Data Discovery

  • Our Insights use natural language generation to point out trends or outliers. Our Related Questions are generated based on your question, giving additional ways to understand your data. 


  • Set up a schedule to send answers to yourself and colleagues. Customize the time and frequency for sending each report, updated with the latest data. Or send emails anytime from within AnswerRocket with your latest discoveries. 

Answers Wherever, Whenever

  • Our mobile experience is designed to give users what they need most: fast answers to their pressing questions. The web-based design works with any operating system.


Unmatched Query Extensibility

  • AnswerRocket’s Rocket Query Language creates custom calculations and machine learning algorithms with plain English. 

No Data Moving Required

  • You can connect AnswerRocket to data in place, or move it to our cloud. AnswerRocket can connect with data anywhere.

Fast to Implement, Easy to Learn

  • Configuration is measured in hours or days, not weeks. With AnswerRocket’s intuitive design, users are up and running on Day 1.

About the Company

AnswerRocket is the future of AI-powered analytics, providing enterprise-level businesses with an accessible, augmented solution. We are proud to simplify and automate analytics for some of the world’s largest brands. Our data analytics and visualization platform leverages natural language data discovery and machine learning algorithms to enable business leaders to make better, faster decisions. With AnswerRocket, non-technical users type or speak business questions and get answers instantly. The answers are provided as interactive visualizations, accompanied by AI-generated insights that can be drilled into for deeper exploration. With that innovative insights feature, AnswerRocket analyzes your data and goes beyond the ‘what’ to explain the ‘why’. AnswerRocket works the way you think, and with such a simplified approach, any business user can tap directly into the power of their data.

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