Anti-Counterfeiting Smart Labels

Anti-Counterfeiting Smart Labels




Every product protected by our anti-counterfeiting system is associated to a unique Dynamic Digital Identity generated by the Viveat platform. The DDI is to be considered the digital counterpart of a specific item, it’s non replicable, localized in cloud and accessible via web. The platform automatically generates for every DDI a unique serial URL (gateway to the DDI) and a unique random alphanumerical code (the ID code of the item). Every Viveat labeled product shows on it’s packaging both the URL (with a QR code or NFC) and the ID code (visible).

The Viveat system offers multiple levels of security based on the technology installed on the packaging.

QR code labels

When a label with QR code is scanned (even with a generic QR reader) the platform:
– compares all the logs associated to the specific DDI verifying any anomaly;
– compares all the logs associated to the specific User verifying any anomaly;
– offers the user a visual check of the ID code associated to the item.

Our QR codes can be printed with several physical anti-counterfeit systems:

– anti-tampering materials;
– 2D and 3D holograms;
– special inks.

The combination of both software and hardware anti-counterfeiting systems assures a good level of security, allowing brands to beware of any effort to duplicate a Viveat label. The platform cannot digitally tell apart an original QR code label from a copied one but it understands when an DDI has been fraudulently replicated. Only a visual check of the physical label can determine whether a label is original or fake.

NFC labels

When using NFC labels every DDI, in addition to the URL and the ID code, is provided with a UID (unique ID of the NFC tag) and an encrypted unique ID (CryptoID) written in the memory of the NFC tag.

When a NFC label is scanned the platform, in addition to the checks listed for QR code labels:
– compares the URL with the UID of the NFC tag;
– decrypts the protected memory of the NFC tag and confronts the CryptoID with URL and UID.

Our NFC tags can be converted to several physical anti-counterfeit supports:

– anti-tampering materials;
– 2D and 3D holograms;
– special inks.

With NFC we reach a high level of security. NFC tags cannot be copied (every tag has by norm a unique UID), the comparison of URL and UID is a solid anti-counterfeiting solution. Since it has been discovered a black market of NFC tags with illegal UIDs we decided to add another level of security by encrypting a code in the memory of the tag. Only our server can read the encrypted data allowing Viveat to be 100% sure that the label hasn’t been copied. With NFC we can also digitally tell which label is original and which label is copied.


  • Engage customers through our Smart Labels: VIVEAT makes any consumer product interactive by multiple labeling solutions, web mobile applications and real time data management software.
  • Track logistics and fight counterfeit: VIVEAT allows to follow products through their entire life cycle, from factory to consumer. Our control systems prevent grey areas and counterfeit attempts.
  • Use big data for business intelligence: VIVEAT manages new relevant data on products and customers. Our professional data visualisation tools are always available in real time.

About the Company

Viveat Srl was incorporated in Milan in 2014 as an innovative start-up according to Italian law. Founders had a simple goal: bringing inert “dumb” products alive by connecting them to the web. In a technology ready environment, where mobile devices have initiated a new age of connectivity, people’s true awareness of what they buy and use is still a utopia. No information beyond physical labels, no direct contact with brands is easily provided and that is considered by most people a dangerous flaw.

«Our mission is to give back to consumers the power to choose, enabling a bottom-up revolution based on information accessibility and transparency.»

Bringing together the Web of Things model with blockchain technology has allowed Viveat to develop a unique software that provides any product with a secure, auditable record of all relevant information: what it is, what it’s made of, where it’s been, whom does it belong to and much more. Our ProductPassport, thanks to low-cost smart packaging solutions, is available right on your smartphone by simply scanning a Viveat smart product.

Digital customer engagement throughout physical products is a huge opportunity for all: trillions of items can provide an innovative personalized customer experience while fostering a direct transparent relationship between brands and users based on strategic data exchange. 

«We are shifting corporate responsibility towards full product transparency establishing a new benchmark of trust for all market actors.»

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