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The cloud platform for the next generation of app commerce.

All the technology: Tap into the rich ecosystem of retail app technologies, like Apple Pay, beacons & push notifications. The app commerce platform will support whatever you’re using and you’d like to use. It just works.

All of the time: No more build and abandon for native mobile apps. We roll out new code every week. We release app updates every quarter. Apps powered by Poq are never out of date.

Schedule content easily: Easily plan content and merchandising across your apps, ahead of time. Do it centrally from one place, without having to rely on third parties or development resources.

Manage the customer journey: Create a unique customer journey. Add custom pages, categories, shoppable lookbooks and more; without coding or resubmitting to the app store.

Performance benchmarking: Measure your app commerce performance against the community and identify the best growth opportunities.

Actionable insights: Get to know your customers even better. Plug in your analytics and get a single customer view.


  • We increase insight, engagement, conversion and revenue. 
  • We decrease costs, risks and implementation time. 
  • And we streamline integration, reporting and performance. 

About the Company

The thing that defines us, sets us apart and drives us, is our laser focus on building software that enables leading retailers to forge deeper and more valuable relationships with their customers. 

Retailers such as House of Fraser and Boohoo use the Poq app commerce platform to create highly effective and fully customised native apps in record time. 

Apps that allow them to build stronger brands, sell more of their products, deepen customer loyalty and deliver highly relevant content, communications and rewards. 

Ultimately, we help them to bridge the gap between the mobile and in-store experience and to futureproof their future revenues. Today. 

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