Apricart is a smart shopping cart that vastly improves the shopping experience for retail grocery shoppers, while gathering important path-to-purchase data for consumer packaged goods marketers and grocery stores. Apricart eliminates the checkout lane and provides shoppers dynamically customized offers and inspiration.

What does Apricart do?

In additional to pay-on-the-cart capability, Apricart provides a personalized shopping experience based on a shopper's current, past, and predicted purchases. Put in hamburger buns, get an offer on hamburger - or ketchup and mustard. Apricart can help locate items, remind you of frequently bought items or items on your list, and provide inspirational recipes for items in your cart.


Who Benefits?

Apricart benefits grocery shoppers, marketers, and retailers. 

Grocery Shoppers

Shoppers get customized, Apricart-only special offers, inspirational recipes, nutrition and other information, as well as help locating items on their shopping list! Most importantly, Apricart eliminates the checkout wait! Apricart recognizes items as they are put in the cart, so at the exit, shoppers just swipe a card or tap their phone -- and just walk out! 

Consumer Packaged Goods Marketers

Apricart collects important path-to-purchase information to create immediately actionable insights. Apricart also provides a direct line-of-sight platform to utilized those insights in real-time to influence shopper behavior at the decision point. 

Grocery Retailers

Apricart provides an important fraud-free self-checkout option for grocers while reducing front end costs. Apricart improves guest experience customer through-put while the increased customer understanding leads to higher sales.

About the Company

Apricart is proud to be led by female and minority immigrant founders.

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