AR | VR & Kinect Agency

AR | VR & Kinect Agency



We help create AR collateral for highly engaging Ads on; business cards, posters, billboards Tv, display and unique future portals as floor markers, tailor memorable transparent stakeholder communication tools for corporate clientele, Spatial familiarisation and way – finding, to the delivery of information to smartphones implementing intelligent built environments. Also available Analytic's and end to end solutions from marketing to sales a complete visual solution on a global scale. 


  • The next leap in Social media | Services | 3D Ads ™ ( High end Augmented reality )
  • At iFavour ® we are hands-on problem-solvers we work to deliver AR services to a wide range of Clientele with varying expectations.
  • Working closely with high-profile clientele, we deem it of the utmost importance that we aim to offer a personalized service, acknowledging our client’s reputation and privacy are paramount. 

About the Company

Our Cybernetics Labs Patent Pending R&D Division ( London | Glasgow ) are developing image free tracking technology for programmatic AR Ads across all platforms & devices, building on our vision of Web 3.0 - merging physical digital media Ads across all devices & platforms. 

Our vision of WEB 3.0 is city building with connective portals (implementing the iFavour creative) to engage audiences via smart phone scanning, displaying interfaces as seen in Hollywood movies Prometheus & Avatar, target & re-target audiences with engaging AR Ads via our patent pending technology, disrupt the Ads industry with new age programmatic Ads, where an individual’s Social | Services | Ads shall be tailored to their proximity & behavioral data following them in the real world. We believe we have a vision for the future of Advertising implementing smartphones, headgear and all types of media.

Kindly get in touch, we would love to hear from you - Convey why our proprietary Augmented reality technology and teams skill sets are unique to this market,  superior to our present day competitors.

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