ARLab Image Matching

ARLab Image Matching

ARLab -- Augmented Reality Lab


What is image matching SDK?

A real time image recognition engine SDK for Android and iOS that can match thousands of pictures within your device without an Internet connection.

Our powerful image matcher uses a smartphone’s powerfull hardware to complete the image processing and give matched results in milliseconds.

The engine is very easy to use. You just need to add your images and the engine will start doing the matching with no pre-processing required. 

We have a team of engineers solely dedicated to long testing the SDK and creating sample applications to fully optimize it for development.

Image matching features:

Add and remove images from the pool during the execution time without having to initiate the app again or to recompile.
Load your images from the mobile resources or from an url.
Get accurate matching with almost any image
​Custom cropping: select the screen frame you want to match against the pool.
Use your custom image ids.
Take advantage of our built in camera view or just create yours by calling our process frame function.
Select a streaming or a single processing of images
QR Codes detection. You can r up to 4 QR Codes simultaneously
Also you can read QR Codes and images at a time.
No need of off-line training


  • ​Real time image matching.
  • Match multiple images at a time.
  • Thousands of images supported within pools of 50-60 images.
  • QR Codes detection
  • Works Offline! No Internet connection required.
  • Get your response in milliseconds width hardware acceleration.
  • Most easy Image Matchig SDK to integrate.

About the Company

ARLab is a Spanish company based in Madrid (Spain). We are focused on pushing the limits of Augmented Reality for smartphones, desktops and all other platforms.

Our product suite is putting the most advanced Computer Vision algorithms, full AR functionality, and a complete 3D engine in any developer's hands thanks to our proprietary SDK.

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