Artificial Intelligence Product, Price & Assortment Optimization

Artificial Intelligence Product, Price & Assortment Optimization

Daisy Intelligence Corporation


Use the power of A.I. to make the optimal choices clear.

Measuring grocery and retail data is a highly complex and tedious task. The changing and dynamic relationships between your products and customers in addition to the effects of pricing and promotions make understanding and leveraging all this data humanly impossible.

Daisy does what humans can’t. Using our focused artificial intelligence (A.I.) and proprietary mathematic solutions Daisy turns impossible big data problems into actionable decisions. We analyze very large quantities of our clients’ transaction and operational data in order to provide weekly promotional, price, and forecasting recommendations which our clients can use to grow total sales basket size, improve margins, and delight customers. Daisy provides more than tools and dashboards, instead Daisy provides you with actionable insights that are proven to help you make more profitable decisions and compete in the new world of retail.

Daisy turns your underleveraged data into your most profitable asset and source of competitive advantage. 

Why Daisy?

  • Outputs are specific, actionable recommendations to core merchandising decisions – not charts or tools
  • A.I. is self-learning and adaptive -perfect for the dynamic world of retail
  • Outputs are optimized to bottom-line/top line performance
  • No hardware/software to install – up and running in 30-60 days

Without a doubt, Daisy has driven a meaningful lift in basket size and trips without any additional margin cost – Scott Little, CFO Earth Fare

Read the case study with Earth Fare here to find out more!


  • Provide retail teams with actionable insights that help grow top line sales.
  • Better results for a much lower cost than traditional analytical solutions.
  • Grow our clients revenues by +3% without any costly technology integration or changes to their current processes.
  • Bust the myths that have become entrenched in the merchandising decision-making process.


About the Company

Daisy Intelligence Corporation is an artificial intelligence software-as-a-service company that analyzes very large quantities of our clients’ transaction and operational data in order to make automated operational recommendations which retailers can use to improve their business. Using our proprietary Theory of Retail™ solutions, Daisy Intelligence analyzes 100% of the trade-offs inherent in any complex business question and provides weekly, specific recommendations to help our corporate clients grow their total sales, gross/net margin, transactions and customers.

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.