Assembly & Fulfillment Solution

Assembly & Fulfillment Solution

Abbott-Action, Inc.


At Abbott-Action we take pride in providing you with a wide variety of services including Assembly, Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution.

We make it easy by listening to what you need to accomplish – thereby understanding your product and market expectations. Our goal is to give you an end product that will not only excite the end-user but will help you sell, protect, promote and distribute in a cost-effective manner.

Our assembly, fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services combined with our logistics capabilities ensure we are your perfect Global Partner.


  • Providing you with turn-key solutions is our goal and our promise.

About the Company

Welcome to Abbott-Action, the most comprehensive supplier of the highest quality corrugated containers, packaging and display solutions in the Northeast. Our manufacturing facilities are  located on the East Coast with affiliations across the United States and China. Our capabilities represent virtually every phase of the corrugated process from raw materials output and procurement to design, manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment through testing and distribution.

Keeping up with industry advances and investing in people and technologies makes us an indispensable resource for you. In 2000, the merger of our two companies, Abbott-Avon Packaging Corporation and Action Container, demonstrated our ability to respond to customers’ needs with greater breadth and depth of service as well as larger throughput capacity. So no matter the project, we create and help you understand everything corrugated.

We merge our talents and expertise with that of yours essentially becoming an extension of your team. We listen, we process, and we solve your problems.

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