Atomo solves the problem of collecting data on customer interaction with a brick and mortar retail store. Every day 3.4 million people go to work to sell billions of products across a 2.3 trillion dollar industry. Each product has a story. The key to selling that product is telling the right story at the right time to the right customer. Amazon figured out two decades ago the key to telling the right story is gathering data, iterating, improving with each shopper. With 3.4 million sales staff brands, distributors, and stores have no way to gather that data. No way to iterate and improve their story, no way to learn what works and what doesn’t. The brick and mortar store is treated like a black box with only binary data, a product sold or it didn’t. Atomo solves this problem. Pulling back the curtain on the black box. For the first time stories, distributors, and brands can look at what stories converted and what didn’t, what caught attention but didn’t sell, what is the missing link. No process can be optimized if it is not first measured. Atomo allows the in-person sales experience to be measured.


Atomo brings two key tools into brick and mortar.
The first is customer engagement capability. Before stores were limited to what they could do in the physical world, signs, storefronts, displays, and in person sales staff. These customer engagement initiatives fail 93% of the time. Atomo opens up an entirely new world of possibilities, want interactive signage and video in your store? Easy. Augmented reality video games that reward in store exploration and repeat patronage? Done. What about new better ways of shopping like one-click buy in person and instant checkout? Working on it.
The second key tool is gathering customer data. Amazon figured out two decades ago the way to drive conversion is to measure every step of the sales process and rapidly iterate on that experience so you are serving the perfect experience to each customer. Atomo can do that in brick and mortar retail. For the first time, a store can know not just how many people came in the door and what they bought, but what peaked their attention, what was the disconnect between a product a customer looked at for 30 minutes and didn’t buy versus a product they looked at for 5 minutes and did buy. The coup de gråce of this is making the data persistent and accessible. While this data is not measured right now in a scientific way, an experienced sales associate may have some idea of these metrics. The problem is that the turnover rate in retail is 60% and the data in someone’s head is useless it is passed on to others.

About the Company

Atomo is a startup technology company formed around solving the problem of successful customer engagement and gathering customer interaction data.
All three of the co-founders have previous experience leading startups, all have extensive experience in retail.