Audit Support

Audit Support

Vertex, Inc.


Vertex Enterprise will change the way taxing authorities and regulators audit your business tax data—driving speed, efficiency, and lower costs. Thanks to the Vertex Tax Data Warehouse, you can eliminate the endless requests from taxing authorities around the world—all of whom seek information to align your general ledger systems to your work papers.


  • At the same time, the Tax Data Warehouse provides secure global record retention. And since it’s owned by Corporate Tax, it won’t be purged by other departments.
  • You can maintain data for all entities and for all open tax years.

About the Company

Tax is a complex and time-consuming challenge for companies around the world. Constantly changing accounting and regulatory requirements, greater scrutiny from audit committees, and a shrinking pool of talent are all putting more pressure on the corporate tax function than ever before. 
The Trusted Leader in Tax Technology Excellence 

We're Vertex. Since 1978, over 10,000 corporate customers have relied on us for innovative tax processing solutions. Spend some time learning more about our rich history. 

Combining advanced technology, sophisticated software, and an exceptional team of experienced tax experts, we help our customers unlock huge process and productivity gains, limit risk, and make tax a more integral, strategic contributor to business success. 

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