Augmented Reality Platform

Augmented Reality Platform

Cimagine Media Ltd.


Omni-channel: Cimagine accompanies consumers throughout their shopping journey – letting them virtually bring the store to their homes and take their homes in their pockets to the store – linking the online and in-store shopping experiences. Cimagine’s platform can be used to augment ecommerce product pages, to either increase on-site conversion, or to allow users to gather more information on their way to the store. Equipped with images of their homes taken using Cimagine, shoppers can make faster buying decisions at the store. To get further social proof before buying, consumers can share scenes of products in their homes with meaningful others, who in turn, can view the retailer’s products in their own homes at a click of a button. Cimagine can be a powerful tool for retailers’ sales and marketing teams. For example, the marketing team can create viral campaigns, sending virtual products to potential customers in targeted emails or via social networks. The sales team can use Cimagine to extend the showroom – showing shoppers all the products and designs that are not available for display at the store.

Augmented e-Commerce: Creating a differentiated ecommerce shopping experience with Cimagine is fast and easy. A single line of code is all it takes to add a button to your e-commerce and m-commerce product pages letting consumers interact with your products in their homes, leading them to make  more informed purchase decisions. Cimagine seamlessly extends your website or mobile app. Clicking the Cimagine button in the product page fires up the Cimagine viewer app, which provides realistic rendering of products in the user’s own surroundings, without the need to print any reference markers to be placed on the floor. Related items are automatically downloaded and can be easily viewed, too. Cimagine allows the user to return to your website, to seek more information or to complete the purchase. Providing product visualization enhances the shopping experience and personalizes it while increasing consumers’ confidence and therefore boosts sales and reduces returns.

Augmented in-Store Experience: One of the main challenges at the store is to get all decision makers aligned for closing the deal. However, design concerns may delay or even cause shoppers to leave the store without buying, sometimes promising to return later on.  Cimagine enables customers to virtually bring their home or office in their pockets to the store, and view realistic visualizations of store items over room images taken using Cimagine. Furthermore, shoppers can share scenes containing virtual product in their desired location with meaningful others, potentially eliminating the need for another store visit. Cimagine’s analytics contains valuable information about the users journey from the home to the store. Another challenge faced by retailers is the limited display space in the store. While many products and designs are available online or at the warehouse, only a portion of them can be shown at the store. Cimagine expands the showroom, by letting sales associates show items and colors not available for display to shoppers, bringing the content-rich online experience to the store.


  • Personalizes the Experience: Accompanying your customers throughout their journey, with relevant visual content, provided in their own environment, for an engaging shopping experience
  • Drives Social: Allowing meaningful others to be involved in the shopping experience to gain social proof
  • Boosts Sales: Providing product visualization increases customers’ confidence, and results in more sales and  fewer returns

About the Company

Cimagine provides retailers with a markerless augmented reality (AR) platform that can be easily integrated and used across multiple channels. It enables consumers to use their mobile and wearable devices to visualize products in life-like 3D, at a click of a button. Cimagine’s omni-channel solution accompanies consumers throughout their journey, improving both the online and in-store shopping experiences, encouraging sharing on social networks and increasing sales. Chosen by Microsoft and Coca-Cola as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups, Cimagine is taking AR in retail to the next level.

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