Augmented Reality SDKs and Computer Vision Technology

Augmented Reality SDKs and Computer Vision Technology



We are one of the world’s leading companies in the field of Augmented Reality and computer vision. After years of research and development, ARLab has become a global reference in the industry and supports clients from two locations: Madrid (Spain) and Haifa (Israel).

ARLab offers an extended portfolio of technological solutions for AR. Our differentiated value is to support the creation of not only useful, easy and fast applications developed by software experts, but also precise, elegant and effective technologies that enable an efficient development in an extremely short time to market.

We build technologies according to developers’ needs and provide them with functional solutions to materialize their ideas in the shortest time possible.

Ultimately, our desire is to develop technologies that have a deep impact on the market leading to a sustainable long-term success for both ARLab and its partner developers.


  • AR Browser: Add augmented reality geolocation view to your application
  • Image Matching: Real time image recognition engine and SDK
  • Image Tracking: Image tracking engine for your application
  • Object Tracking: Match and track real 3D objects with polygonal shape: sphere, cube, cuboid, cylinder, hexagonal prism, cone, square based pyramid, triangular base pyramid and triangular prism
  • Virtual Buttons: Create virtual desktops placing buttons into the real scene
  • 3D Engine: cross platform 3D engine

About the Company

ARLab is a Spanish company based in Madrid (Spain). We are focused on pushing the limits of Augmented Reality for smartphones, desktops and all other platforms.

Our product suite is putting the most advanced Computer Vision algorithms, full AR functionality, and a complete 3D engine in any developer's hands thanks to our proprietary SDK.

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