Augmented Reality Toy for Kids

Augmented Reality Toy for Kids



LightUp is an award-winning toy that teaches kids how the technology we use everyday works. Build circuits, learn to code, and have fun with your creations!


How it works

  1. Snap together magnetic circuit blocks. 
  2. Drag-and-drop wireless programming right from our free iPad app. 
  3. Our Smart Lens gives you x-ray vision to see how things work


About the Company

LightUp makes the first educational electronics kits that use an augmented reality overlay to highlight concepts normally invisible to users. With LightUp, a tablet or smartphone acts as a lens that overlays engaging animations about underlying circuit behavior. To enable this interaction, LightUp provides electronic building blocks with optically recognizable codes. The blocks can be used to build real circuits with real components ranging from LEDs to Arduino microcontrollers. Because the blocks are recognizable, our mobile app can guide kids through difficult concepts, show visualizations in real time and provide debugging assistance when things don't work as expected. 

Using our technology, kids can be introduced to electronics in a way that best enables them to continue making using off the shelf DIY electronics prototyping. LightUp's design stems from a strong research foundation and is developed in close partnership with Stanford's Transformative Learning Technologies Lab.


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