Authentic Multicultural Meal Delivery

Authentic Multicultural Meal Delivery



We are using food to create sustainable jobs for our communities in need, while at the same time provide epic tastes from around the world for everyone to enjoy. 

We partner with budding home chefs from our diverse immigrant communities and celebrate their stories, heritage, and cultures through their delicious foods. 

You can support these talented undiscovered chefs  by preordering one of their specially prepared family style meals delivered to your doorstep.


  • Foodhini is a for profit social enterprise focused on creating sustainable income generation opportunities for marginalized immigrant communities through food commerce. We are innovating how people from immigrant communities can leverage their existing culinary skills to empower their lives.
  • Foodhini provides a commercial kitchen for independent immigrant home chefs to prepare their authentic home cooked ethnic cuisines, the kinds of meals you could only find by joining a home chef for dinner at their home. Additionally, Foodhini provides a digital ecommerce platform that enables home chefs to sell their ready to eat meals direct to customers.

About the Company


Foodhini was founded on the idea that food can be used to create sustainable jobs for those in need and also satisfy the appetites of hungry foodies in search of authentic meals.

There are nearly 20 million U.S. immigrants today that have less than a high school education and earn below $20k annually. The financial and educational barriers these communities face greatly limit their access to good jobs. By providing a platform for these communities of diaspora to use their existing culinary skills to prepare and sell their home cooked cultural cuisines, Foodhini empowers these communities to bypass those barriers and create new opportunities. Through our shared revenue model, a significant portion of the money you spend at Foodhini goes directly to the home chef that prepared your meal.

These individuals possess talents that have been developed for years in their homes, and now we are bringing their talents and dishes directly to you. We believe their talents deserve real compensation and our goal is to provide livable wages to all our home chefs.

Foodhini covers all the upfront costs, enabling home chefs to just focus on what they do best, cook incredible meals for you. Home chefs prepare their meals out of Foodhini's certified commercial kitchen space so you can be assured of a quality meal.

As we look forward, there is one thing that remains constant for us. It's the people behind the food, that make a great meal. 

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