Automated Checkout Kiosk

Automated Checkout Kiosk



The Mashgin kiosk uses Computer Vision to enable multi-item checkout without the need for barcodes or RFID.

Customers place their tray onto the kiosk where cameras take a picture and instantly recognize every item. They swipe their credit card (or scan their badge) and go. It’s that simple.


  • Multiple items simultaneously.
  • Any orientation.
  • No barcodes needed.

About the Company

Mashgin is building the future of machine vision for all businesses. 

Retail checkout is broken. Our self-checkout kiosk uses computer vision to scan many items at once without needing barcodes, reducing checkout time by 10x. No more waiting for that one slow line where the cashier is looking up an item code or calling the manager for a price check.

Categories:  Equipment, 4th wall, POS, Self checkout
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