Automated Product Tagging

Automated Product Tagging

ViSenze - Artificial Intelligence for the Visual Web


Use image recognition technology to automatically add relevant tags to products in your catalog.

With this fully-automated and scalable solution, save time and avoid errors from the manual tagging process.


About the Company

ViSenze is an Artificial Intelligence company that makes search by images possible without keywords. Built on 100% deep learning and computer vision, ViSenze’s solutions understand content in images and videos to solve real-world search problems:
·  Marketplaces use ViSenze to help online shoppers search more efficiently by uploading photos of products (e.g. fashion apparels) and have relevant products returned to them in milliseconds; driving up to 135% more conversions vs text-search 
·  Internet retailers use ViSenze to enrich their catalog attributes and recommend visually matching products to shoppers when they browse online, generating up to 50% uplift in conversion rate. 
·  Media owners and brands use ViSenze to turn images into immediate engagement opportunities such as product recommendations and Ad targeting
Built for scale, ViSenze searches well over 100 million products every day and is used by large Internet companies such as Rakuten, Flipkart, Essilor, Myntra, Lazada and Zalora. A R&D spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Tsinghua University of China, ViSenze was voted Singapore's Most Promising Startup (Emerging Enterprise Award) in 2015, and is a MasterCard StartPath Global supported startup. ViSenze is venture-backed company, whose investors include Rakuten, WI Harper, Enspire Capital and SPH.

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