Automated Shopping Cart

Automated Shopping Cart

Automated Smart


The Automated Shopping Cart, “Smart Cart”, is an innovative consumer purchasing product that is designed to help shoppers fast-track their shopping experience! From the moment a shopper removes an item from the store’s shelf, the Automated Shopping Cart receives all of the information to where the final bill is calculated and ready for final checkout. This dramatically reduces shopping and checkout time.

ACTIVATION: The “Smart Cart” can only be activated only by a credit or debit card. Shoppers are allowed to use their personal credit/debit card or a store issued card to activate the cart.

SHOPPING LIST: The “Shopping List” customer service feature allows shoppers to create a shopping list before or during the process of shopping on the automated cart.

BUDGET ALERT: With the “Budget Alert” feature, shoppers have the ability to allow the “Smart Cart” to manage their shopping budget.

MERCHANDISE LOCATION: Shoppers have the ability to search and locate a particular item.

SCANNER: The detachable scanner is available for use anytime a shopper wants to check a price or the facts of a particular item.

GPS LOCATOR: The GPS programmed system within the device. This allows the stores to always have the location of the automated cart upon removal.

RFID READER: New generational method to wirelessly track the movement of each and every item in inventory.

ULTRA SENSITIVE SCALE: With the ultra sensitive scale, the automated cart can accurately detect the merchandise weight for heightened anti- theft efficiency

NUTRITION FACTS AND INFORMATION: For those who wish to gain knowledge of any product.

PARTNERSHIP SHARING: Ever been to a store for an item only to find out they have run out of stock? Using the automated cart, shoppers will be able to access a catalog of stores (same store or partner stores) in which have the item.

PERSONAL STORAGE SHELF: Storage for personal items such as cell phones, purses, personal bags, and etc… Basically, whatever the shopper has brought into the store.

CHECK-OUT: Self-check-out with mobility. Shoppers can purchase items as they shop.


  • Maximize your shopping experience!
  • Secure. Easy. Efficient.
  • In and out quickly!

About the Company

The Automated Shopping Cart is the new generational method of shopping, incorporating the best combination of integrated systems needed for the emerging world of technology.

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