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Perk Dynamics has created specific solutions to cater to the Grocery and Convenience market. With our integrated systems you can sell coffee and espresso drinks at the register as well as offering walk-up self service in your stores. The demand for high quality consistent coffee and espresso drinks in the store environment is growing rapidly and Perk Dynamics has the user friendly, easy to integrate solution you have been looking for. Our turn-key solutions enable you to meet the demand for quality coffee and espresso services without becoming an expert barista and spending countless hours training staff to meet these requirements.
With AutoPerk “The Automated Barista” you can quickly bring your offering up to speed. AutoPerk Reporting provides you with an easy to use tool set accessible via web dashboard that gives you the reporting, maintenance data and service alerts needed to effectively manage these operations for one or multiple store locations.


  • High Tech Coffee, Espresso, and other Barista quality beverages.
  • Designed to increase operational  efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability of hospitality, food-service and retail facilities brewed beverage services.

About the Company

Perk Dynamics, LLC. is a software development company that is dedicated to increasing the efficiency of coffee, espresso and tea operations. We are focused on improving the process and quality of brewed beverage order flows to increase profits, ROI, and customer satisfaction in establishments that serve coffee, tea and other machine produced beverages. 

With AutoPerk you can now easily deliver a Barista Quality Coffee shop with technological efficiencies and consistency that will please your guest and improve profitability. Ideal placement locations for the "The Automated Barista" are Casino's, Hotel/Resorts, QSR's, Convenience Stores, Restaurants, Large Executive Offices, Hospital/Clinics, Coffee Shops, College or High School Campus, and so many more! 

AutoPerk (tm) delivers a SelfService Coffee Shop in a Box; which is easily managed via our Enterprise Reporting. Delivering sales reporting, service and alert management, and stock level messaging all through a web based dashboard enabling access from your iPhone, iPad, Windows, Droid or other mobile device. 

Perk Dynamics will continue to produce other software that increases revenue or profits of beverage services for coffee establishments.

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