AWM Smart Shelf


The AWM SMART SHELF ® is designed to replicate key benefits of the online experience into physical retail environments. The platform utilizes ruggedized shelf-edge displays combined with high definition optical sensors to automate intelligence into on-the-shelf inventory levels and planogram compliance, play optimal video based on shopper distance (including product pricing and information), provide insight into demographics, and allow for content triggering on detected age, gender, or ethnicity. The technologies work together to enhance operational efficiencies and to provide sales uplift and valuable data.


Smart Shelf by AWM, innovates retail environments with striking, high dynamic range displays that engage consumers in a one to one fashion. Brands and retailers benefit not only with sales uplift, but with our A.I. features as well. Some of which include: Shopper demographics and behavioral patterns, UPC level mapping and on-shelf inventory and intelligence.


  • AWM Smart Shelf, the world's most innovative smart shelf, offers you modern solutions that expedite and streamline the retail experience. 


  • With the implementation of AWM's Fascia in a retail environment and utilizing AWM’s super-wide-angle low light HD cameras, AWM’s Automated Inventory Intelligence solution can view and track virtually any product or UPC in a retail environment. It is highly accurate, and results can be provided as quickly as near-real-time and as frequently as hourly or even in response to shopper activity. It is simply the most robust inventory tool available. 


  • AWM's LED Fascia reinvents the way consumers and retailers do business. Prices, promotions and advertisement can now be changed with a click of a button. AWM's LED Cabinet is the difference between getting your product noticed or not. Grab attention from across the room and be noticed. 


  • With the integration of AWM's Fascia in a retail environment, the AWM Product Mapper add-on to the internal CMS affords brands and retailers alike with unique capabilities. Not only does it automate creation of planograms which are not already existing, but it automates the planogram auditing process to rapidly identify placement drift and retain optimal product positioning to maximize sales. The solution additionally improves operational efficiencies by automating, digitizing and highlighting specific shelves for product stocking or for click-and-collect applications. Improve native application usage and customer satisfaction by allowing shoppers to locate products in the store themselves with inclusion of their smartphone and highlighting products on-shelf. 


  • Easily manage your inventory, prices and content with AWM's User Portal. Designed with you in mind, the User Portal is intuitive, backed by the latest technology and remotely accessible. Discover power and efficiency with our design. 


  • Provides a wide range of valuable data which has historically been unavailable to retailers and brands. Goes beyond passive information by allowing for real-time actions such as targeted on-shelf marketing and data which can be used for AI predictive optimization. RDE is comprised of three main subcomponents: Consumer Behavior Analytics, Store Ops Insights, and Shopper Demographics Engine / Facial Analysis. 


  • Utilizes computer vision with machine learning to anonymously capture a wide range of data on shoppers without requiring them to manually provide any data. In addition to reporting and analytics, enables triggering of content based on demographic criteria like age, gender, and ethnicity. To protect consumer privacy, data is not tied to any personally-identifiable information. Access to raw data is enabled for deep learning and big data analysis.

About the Company

AWM SMART SHELF Leadership has 50+ years of combined industry experience that affords thoughtful leadership, retail expertise and ability to execute at scale. For many years, AWM’s Leadership has pushed the envelope in development of facial recognition software, globally scalable content management software, and the optimization of large format video player programming and controllers. AWM’s latest offerings are the culmination of these disciplines – offering a solution that increases operational efficiencies, creates intimate customer experiences, generates new revenue streams for retailers and brands, and increases sales.

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