Ayasdi, Inc.


Artificial Intelligence Designed for the Enterprise - From our core technology, to our suite of intelligent applications, Ayasdi builds enterprise class AI for real world challenges. 

Ayasdi is made up of three components. 

The Ayasdi Platform: Ayasdi’s enterprise-class artificial intelligence software platform for building and running intelligent applications.

Ayasdi Workbench: an interactive data science application that runs directly on the Ayasdi platform.  Think of it as visual analytics layer for AI.  Used by analysts and researchers it has delivered breakthrough discoveries on everything from cancer to the makeup of a winning NBA roster.

Intelligent applications: developed by Ayasdi, our business partners, or your application development team that target the most complex and value-laden problems facing your enterprise.


The Ayasdi platform is unique in the AI landscape, because: 

The applications you will build with it will demonstrate characteristics of intelligence

It automatically selects and combines multiple machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms based on the unique characteristics of your data and the business problem you are solving

It scales algorithmically and computationally– our algorithms are proven in production deployments to scale two or more orders of magnitude higher than competitors

It scales to take advantage of vast quantities of inexpensive computing infrastructure,using technologies like Apache Hadoop and Yarn

It enables the development of intelligent applications – both interactive user experience driven apps as well as autonomous applications

It is extensible – it has an open API, incorporates many algorithms, and you can add additional algorithms.

It is enterprise grade – secure, reliable, manageable, etc – and is already deployed in production by some of the world’s largest organizations

About the Company

Business users work with intelligent applications built by Ayasdi, our partners, or by your own internal developers. Examples include clinical variation management, claims denials reduction, stress testing, market returns and risk forecasting, anti-money laundering, fraud detection and risk modeling. Ayasdi bridges the gap between business people and data scientists, letting them work side by side in AI-driven intelligent applications. 

Ayasdi helps companies around the world to use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make employees hundreds of times more productive and to drive fundamental breakthroughs that are beyond the capabilities of humans. Our revolutionary machine intelligence platform leverages automation, machine learning and topological data analysis to simplify the extraction of knowledge from even the largest and most complex data sets and to facilitate the deployment of intelligent, AI-based applications across the enterprise. Developed by Stanford computational mathematicians, Ayasdi’s unique approach to machine intelligence leverages breakthrough mathematics, highly automated software and inexpensive, scalable computers to revolutionize the process of converting big data into business impact. We are excited to count many of the Global 500, plus leading governments and research institutions as our clients and partners.

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