Barcode Software Solutions

Barcode Software Solutions

Cybra Corporation


CYBRA barcode systems provide incredible benefits for any business.

Looking to print barcode labels? Looking to scan barcode labels or tags? CYBRA has over 30 years of experience helping thousands of customers print and read barcodes.

We are experts in barcode technology and can supply everything you need from software to hardware and supplies. Take more control over your business, products, and assets.


  • MarkMagic supports more than 450 bar code label, forms, and RFID tag printer types.
  • Fast, versatile design features let you create labels, forms and tags and easily merge information from your databases.
  • MarkMagic combines power and speed. Cut format design time with exclusive field linking. Instantly merge information from multiple bar code, data or text fields. Edit variable data for improved readability.

About the Company

CYBRA Corporation (OTCBB: CYRP), the developer of award-winning MarkMagicTM Bar Code Labels, RFID Tags, and Electronic Forms Software and EdgeMagic® Integrated RFID Control Software. CYBRA Corporation is a leader in bar code and RFID technology for IBM Power Systems and other major computing platforms. An IBM Business Partner and Motorola/Symbol Partner, CYBRA is represented by a network of value added resellers throughout the United States and is represented internationally by sales and support offices.

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