Beabloo Beacons solution is based on proven beacon technology that is why it enables retailers to build unique and remarkable digital experiences in-store. This technology will Identify customers while they visit your store, and help you to create personalized messages to be sent via push notifications. 

Beabloo Beacons solution eliminates the gap between online & offline shopping by equipping shoppers with shopping apps and mobile loyalty. It’s very simple to use and adopt platform that combines a great rules engine with integrations to rich Wi-Fi based analytics and other platforms for providing a full picture of store performance.


Increased Store Performance

  • Monitor the customers’ flow within your store, to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Improved Experience and Loyalty

  • Design campaign configurations based on your customers profiles and loyalty. 

Better Marketing Impact

  • Create a permanently changing marketing database based on your customers profiles and device informations.

About the Company

Beabloo is a technology company specializing in a combination of multi-channel digital marketing and big data for retail environments and establishments working directly with the public. Beabloo's marketing solutions enable its clients, whether they are stores, shopping malls, universities, airports, hotels or exhibition centers, to send information to their visitors or users, and learn about their behavior and interaction within the establishment. At the same time, big data solutions analyze the large volume of data generated each day in these areas, in order to improve the quality of the services provided. The Beabloo solution allows for dynamic and engaging digital content to be shown, capturing the attention of the public giving businesses a competitive advantage. Also, its digital marketing software includes an advanced audience analysis system. Beabloo has developed a tool and utilities based on Wi-Fi and Video Analytics, which helps retailers to identify, analyze, and react to consumer behavior through face detection, detection of mobile phones, etc. ​

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