BearTek® Gloves

BearTek® Gloves

Blue infusion Technologies, LLC.


BearTek® Gloves give you freedom to wirelessly control your camera, phone and music with a single hand. Familiarizing yourself with the finger touchpoints is necessary. The more you practice the more the glove’s functions become natural to you, allowing you to remain focused on your sport and not your glove controls.

Your safety is important to us. Please practice before you ski, snowboard or ride. DO NOT practice while in motion and/or with your hands engaged with handlebars or the ski poles.


  • Control your iphone, android, or GoPro at the touch of a finger!
  • Use #BearTekLife to show us how you use your gloves!

About the Company

BearTek® founders Willie Blount and Tarik Rodgers are the original “out there” guys. Both found themselves with similar dilemmas. Willie needed a way to control his music while riding his Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike, and Tarik was separated from a friend on the slopes of Breckenridge fighting the cold to stop and use his phone. Those two moments led to some passionate brainstorms, and BearTek Gloves became a reality. They imagined and created a “smartglove” that would use Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi technology to control a phone or camera remotely. They put sensors and controls on each finger in the left-hand glove, and by tapping your thumb to another finger, calls could be answered, music selected and a video camera activated. All the while leaving the phone in your pocket or your GoPro® camera attached to a helmet. Just like that, Willie and Tarik went from just being “out there” guys to becoming “out there, in control” guys. The rest is hit-the-road, hit-the-slopes history!

BearTek is a technology of Blue Infusion Technologies, LLC. Blue Infusion Technologies specializes in enhancing experiences through technology. Our vision is to build technology around the human body and its natural movements, allowing you to be more creative and expressive, and to improve your experience with the world around you. Personal needs for safety, convenience and control are what have driven us to be the next big name in wearable technology. The company’s vision is that ALL gloves will be “Powered by BearTek.” First, action sports. Next, industrial, military and public safety.

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