Our location based solutions pair the accuracy and precision of our data with a dynamic and intelligent campaign delivery strategy. Include location in your media strategy. 

  • Location tells a story about people and the places they go. We work with global media-buying agencies to help their brands unlock the power of location and reach their customers on the go.


  • Accurate geo-fencing that performs at scale. A proprietary reporting tool which uses footfall attribution to measure real time customer behaviour across any given location during and after your campaign.
  • Proximity allows brands to identify and serve digital advertising to consumers seen within a set distance of single or multiple defined locations.
  • Locating consumers in defined places, when they are close to you or your competitor’ stores for example, enables advertisers to drive in-store footfall and influence the path to purchase.
  • Proximity is underpinned by a range of location analytics and insight tools to provide you with an in depth analysis of your campaign’s performance. 


  • Target audiences based on location and contextual data.
  • Audience combines real time location data with content and demographic data to build highly relevant audiences for brands.
  • Drive consumer engagement in the right location at the right time. Make your brand messaging contextually relevant and maximise the impact of your campaigns.
  • Audience is underpinned by a range of location analytics and insight tools to provide you with an in depth analysis of your campaign’s performance.


  • Re-target audiences in the comfort of their own home.
  • Blis Audience + enables advertisers to select profiles from 16 global audience packs, and re-target users in their homes, where they are most receptive to advertising and connected to Wi-Fi.  


  • Re-target audiences based on their historical behavioural data.
  • Path is a rules-based behavioural retargeting product that allows brands to reach audiences based on analysis of where they have been and the content they engaged with the most.
  • Reach audiences when they are more likely to engage, based on the environment they are in and the device they are using.
  • Path is underpinned by a suite of location analytics and insight tools to provide you with an in depth analysis of your campaign’s performance. 


  • Reach relevant audiences cross-device. 
  • Connect is a cross-device retargeting product that allows brands to target audiences on any device using previous mobile location and content behaviour.
  • It also identifies additional devices that are connected to the same residential IP address, allowing brands to serve relevant ad formats in the most appropriate user environments.
  • Connect underpinned by a suite of location analytics and insight tools to provide you with an in depth analysis of your campaign’s performance.


  • Measure and understand the true engagement of your audiences. 
  • Blis Engage enables brands to deliver targeted and relevant video ads where their audience are most likely to engage: in the home and connected to residential Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure campaign success through guaranteed video engagement using the metric Cost Per Completed View (CPCV). 


  • Target and engage your future audience through deep-learning AI 
  • Blis Futures enables advertisers to choose the location they want to drive customers into and determines the audience who will most likely visit.
  • Blis combines their most comprehensive device ID location database with proprietary algorithms and solutions to accurately predict customer behaviour. 
  • Campaign performance will be measured on a Cost Per Visit( CPV) and advertisers will only be charged when a customer visits the targeted location.

Smart Pin:

  • Proprietary technology that removes inaccurate data.
  • The most important factor in location is the quality of data. Smart Pin is Blis’ proprietary technology that filters out inaccurate location data to ensure it does not contaminate our database.
  • The multi-step filtering process guarantees we never bid on impressions containing centroids or inaccurate lat/long coordinates. We also see the ‘location source’ of the lat/long and only bid on GPS-originated data. 

Smart Scale:

  • WiFi to GEO technology that increases campaign reach. 
  • Smart Scale is Blis’ proprietary algorithm, detecting and storing relationships between WiFi addresses and specific geo-locations contained within the Blis Platform.
  • Bid requests with accurate lat/long data that match a location group are stored along with any corresponding WiFi addresses in that location.
  • A relationship is created and any future bid requests containing a matching WiFi address is automatically associated with that location. 

POI Database:

  • Global real-world location mapping at scale.
  • Blis has created one of the world’s largest location databases, mapping lat/longs to real-world physical locations.
  • This database is segmented into location categories and audiences.
  • Our team constantly monitor, maintain and update the POI database using multiple supply sources from around the world.


Strategy Analysis: 

  • Compare the behaviours and reactions of different audiences exposed to your ad campaign. 

Location Analysis:  

  • Measure footfall conversions and break down by locations and individual stores. 

Real-Time Optimisation: 

  • Optimise towards top performing locations and analyse the average distance travelled per store. 

Time of Day Analysis:

  •  Identify the exact moment an audience was exposed to your ad and the moment they clicked or went in-store. 

Time To Convert:

  •  Get visibility on average time taken to convert in-store, from ad exposure to store visitation. 

A/B testing:

  •  Compare Foot Through Rate (FTR) between exposed and control devices to measure the true impact of your advertising.

About the Company

Blis is the global pioneer in advanced, innovative location data solutions. Using our unique, patented technology, we provide the most accurate location data and rich contextualised consumer behavioural insights for advertisers. 

We believe that where people go defines who they are and that location and content behaviour provides deeper insights into their preferences. 

Established in 2004, the business has built and deployed a proprietary, industry-leading platform that serves digital content to audiences on the move. The company is headquartered in London with regional offices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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