BoodsKapper Retail bot

BoodsKapper Retail bot


BoodsKapper retail bot assisting a shopper in the store.
BoodsKapper remembers user's preferences and past purchases.
BoodsKapper is able to send pictures of the the article that the shopper talks about. It is also able to identify the article from the picture, user sends.


This is our service for the retail industry and is primarily delivered through Facebook Messenger.  Consumers are able to send a picture of an item and ask if the retailer carries the item. The software is able to look up a retailer's catalog and answer the question. 

Two-minute simulation here best explains the solution:!retail/jjvu4

In this simulation, retailer has no prior record of the customer. Customer starts an organic conversation from Messenger, just as people do in life. BoodsKapper assists the customer to locate an article at the store. The customer picks up the conversation thread several months after the purchase and enquires about a variant of the item purchased. An organic conversation ensues and a purchase is

Deep reporting:   We would argue that information gold for the retailer are the conversations that your customers had with you through various channels. Our AI algorithms automatically find the meaning of the written text and use that to make the conversational response. As the meaning of conversations is analyzed and documented in real time, it is possible for us to enhance traditional reporting with this information.


  • Concierge service for shoppers every time. What they need to know about the product or store is always available and can be fetched in the most natural way; just asking for it.
  • 75% cost savings. For use cases, where cost driver is the primary driver, we price our solution to 75% cost savings. We don't get paid, if we don't save up to 75%.

About the Company

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are turning yesterday's sci-fi into today's reality. For industries and brands, BoodsKapper provides compelling and ready to consume services that are powered by state of the art AI algorithms . Our services include preparing the  solution graph for your business, training the AI model with historical / anticipated data and integrating  with your backend applications. We believe computing for the next 10 years will primarily be defined by advances in AI and look forward to being your partner in this journey.

CART Registered PLUS Due Diligence:

Second level due diligence validating and quantifying solution benefits with existing retail users.

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