Business Consulting Group

Business Consulting Group



The Business Consulting Group (BCG) was created to offer personalized training and business consulting to DTT customers. Their goal is to help owners and operators impact business operations through DTT's Loss Prevention solutions.

Consultants bring industry experience to increase the overall understanding of your needs.

They participate in ongoing site visit training to focus on labor, deployment, menu assortment, customer service, staffing, loss prevention, and multi-unit operations.


  • Business discussions about enhancing your operation and performance using customized tools.
  • Enhanced education and improved utilization of DTT through ongoing sessions.
  • Initial training on software and functions within the DTT software suite.

About the Company

DTT is a private equity backed, full-service provider of surveillance systems and loss prevention solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. DTT's complete line of digital solutions offers simplicity and reliability, creating a virtual management presence at all locations at one time through our enterprise management portal, MyDTT™.   With DTT, increase employee productivity, improve profit margins, decrease costs of goods sold, enhance customer satisfaction, ensure transactional integrity, and control labor costs.   DTT's Loss Prevention team brings additional value to the systems in the form of unbiased evaluations of your operation, investigative services, and various case management tools.

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