Business Protection

Business Protection

Fortalice Solutions


Cybercrime fighters protecting against internet predators. We design, develop, and deploy affordable customized services and strategies that fend off the bad guys.


  • Cover Your Assets, Knowing and Defeating Your Adversary, Incident Response, and Avoiding a Data Hazmat

About the Company

The founder of Fortalice, Theresa Payton, is not your average computer security consultant. She’s a Cyber Sentry.

From May 2006 until September 2008, Theresa worked for the Bush Administration as the White House Chief Information Officer (CIO). She was the first woman to hold this position, and her team served the President and the 3,000+ members of the Executive Office of the President.

Now the Chief Advisor and CEO of Fortalice, LLC., Theresa delivers security, risk and fraud consulting services to private and public organizations. One person at a time, she’s fighting back against cyber criminals and – by extension – supporting internet security for us all.

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