Buy & Sell Excess Inventory

Buy & Sell Excess Inventory



We are a real software solution, created by experienced software and retail professionals. It’s a deep solution built on a first-hand understanding of the complexities of excess inventory from both the brand and buyer perspectives.

Sellers: We help brands liquidate excess inventory quickly and efficiently

You have excess inventory. Everyone does. Today, someone in your organization sells it by emailing spreadsheets to one buyer at a time. The inventory gets sold, but the process is flawed and profits aren’t maximized.The same INTURN tools that help you set prices are there to help you evaluate offers and determine what the best recovery is. Then negotiate to get the prices you want.

Buyers: We give buyers unprecedented access to excess inventory

You want excess inventory from the best brands at a great price at the right time in the season. You have the budget – you just need fast, reliable access to the excess inventory.Brands set rules for their listings, such as how much you have to buy and where and when you are allowed to sell the inventory. INTURN’s Margin Analyzer tool helps you evaluate the deal and make smart offers.



  • A revolutionary way to buy and sell excess inventory.
  • We make it easy to present excess inventory to buyers. 
  • We turn excess inventory into bottom-line-impacting profits. 

About the Company

INTURN is the first online marketplace built to enable brands and retailers to confidentially buy and sell excess inventory on a global scale. It is a win-win solution for both brands and retailers to replace the existing time-consuming and error-prone liquidity process driving the off-price industry. It delivers better economics to both parties by reducing manual work processes, expanding accessible product information, and integrating sophisticated analytics into the retailer-brand negotiation processes. The result is a solution that provides a powerful opportunity to increase profitability and manage inventory. INTURN is designed and led by retail industry veterans and technology experts.

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