Cappasity brings an in-store browsing experience to online retail through interactive 3D images. 

Cappasity is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into their websites, mobile apps, and VR/AR applications.

Cappasity Token ICO 

Cappasity utility token (CAPP) will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates AR/VR/3D content exchange among the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.

We believe the AR/VR revolution will be driven by content creators. That’s why we are introducing the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyright storage and content exchange within the AR/VR ecosystem.


Cappasity users see higher conversion rates, fewer returns, and fewer customer inquiries when their products have interactive 3D images. 3D images are proven to increase engagement and conversion over static images by up to 30%. 

Embedded 3D View lets anyone experience total immersion right from their browser. Place it right on your own web page so viewers can explore without ever leaving your site.

About the Company

Cappasity was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing a technological standard and an easy and scalable platform for creation, embedding and analysis of 3D and AR/VR content. Cappasity has successfully raised over $1.8M from angel investors since 2014 and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software in January 2017.

Today, each month the platform serves more than 700 thousand views of 3D content. Furthermore, the company provides a comprehensive solution to create content for virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The platform features were designed to be open to other developers using Unity, Unreal Engine and Apple ARKit technology.

The company’s founders have been working in 3D technology for over 15 years and are experienced with IT business development. The team includes technology experts in the field of computer vision, SaaS solutions, 3D engine development for apps, 3D mobile and video games.

Cappasity graduated Plug and Play Retail (Sunnyvale) Batch 7 accelerator and was selected to join the Dec 2017 Batch of the Lafayette Plug and Play acceleration program in Paris.

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