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Cardlytics is the pioneer in Card-Linked Marketing. Through partnerships with thousands of financial institutions, we have insight into $1.5 Trillion of customer purchase behavior. Our data captures consumer spending for retailers, restaurants and other businesses, across all categories and geographies, including both online and offline purchase. Cardlytics’ patented technology enables insights from bank purchase data without personally identifiable information (PII) ever leaving the secure bank environment. No PII is ever shared with Cardlytics or its advertisers.

Cardlytics Insight™ informs the targeting for Cardlytics Direct and Cardlytics Digital, as well as providing exclusive insights to impact all aspects of business management. Cardlytics Insight provides whole wallet insights — revealing surprising truths about share change, loyalty, churn, and opportunity.  These insights drive increased effectiveness across marketing, merchandising, store operations, real estate and more.


  • Market Share: How am I faring relative to my competitors?  Who is winning and losing in specific DMAs and zips?  How are spending, customer penetration, trips and basket size trending over time?
  • Customer Loyalty: How loyal are my customers? Where else do they spend their money, in and out of the category?
  • Customer Churn: Who am I losing customers to and at what rate?  Who am I getting new customers from?

About the Company

Cardlytics® is a purchase-based data intelligence platform that makes all advertising better. Our patented technology measures and connects trillions in purchases to millions of consumers. We partner with major financial institutions, including Bank of America, Lloyds Banking Group and FIS, to provide Card-Linked Loyalty programs, which deliver significant savings to customers and revenue to banks, securely and without any personally identifiable information ever leaving the bank. Our view into consumer spending, and purchase-based targeting and measurement, helps thousands of companies in the US and UK connect advertising directly to in-store sales lift. Cardlytics is a private company that has raised more than $170 million from leading hedge and venture funds, private investors, and from the world’s leading loyalty company, Aimia. Headquartered in Atlanta, Cardlytics has offices in London, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

CART Registered Due Diligence:

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Company Size:  201-500 employees
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