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Cash Management Systems & Solutions For Your Business Needs

Cash Management

  • Eliminate all daily tasks from counting, managing till content, reconciliation and reporting each location's cash, which allows the organization's staff to be deployed into higher value activities. 

Increase Efficiency

  • CashCompleteTM software is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash. Our solution is easily and efficiently managed by local, regional, and corporate personnel. 

Complete Security

  • Protect your investment in more ways than one! Secured system cash transactions and increased employee safety giving peace of mind throughout your business.


You have a high number of live till/float points distributed across a sizeable location, challenged with operating efficiently while coping with seasonal and event-based peaks of customers and their related transactions.

  • Increasing speed and accuracy of till check-in/out to reduce cash exposure
  • Improving operational cash visibility and efficiency
  • Raising accountability of location while easing employee management
  • Assist Enterprise Resource Planning

About the Company

SUZOHAPP is a technology company providing software and hardware for cash handling automation and self-service solutions to more than 25,000 customers throughout the world. SUZOHAPP’s technology enables automation for customers operating in a variety of end markets including retail, transportation, gaming, banking, vending and amusement. SUZOHAPP’s solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies. SUZOHAPP’s more than 1,100 employees operate in 19 countries and dealer network covers more than 100 countries. SUZOHAPP is owned by affiliates of ACON Investments, L.L.C., a Washington, D.C.- based international private equity investment firm that has responsibility for managing approximately $4.4 billion of capital. The company mission is to provide customers with excellent service and high quality components, solutions, and software that create significant value for their business. The company vision is to be the global market leader in technology-driven cash management, self-service, and gaming devices through our commitment to our people, our customers, and quality.

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