We keep it simple for you. No self-configured risk template, no manual reviews. Receive fully automated optimized decisions and save more time and effort for your core business.


Customer checks out and makes payment with no unnecessary additional verification, choosing any e-wallet or acquirer as desired. 


Within milliseconds, the CashShield fraud engine detects customer behavior with big data and analyzes it with machine learning. 


Our unique decisioning algorithm returns an optimized decision: accept or reject. All approved transactions are covered under our 100% Chargeback Protection.



Traditional fraud solutions collect only limited fields to process transactions for fraud. Collecting only this data is insufficient, and fraudsters manipulate it to get their transactions approved.

With big data, the CashShield fraud system is able to crunch much more data and analyze unlimited custom fields, making it difficult for fraudsters to go undetected since it is difficult for them to cover all their tracks. 


Other machine learning solutions often only use predictive analytics (predicting future fraud with past data), making them ill-equipped to analyze new fraudulent transaction with no past data.

CashShield’s machine learning uses both predictive analytics and pattern recognition to analyze information collected with big data to detect patterns in the customer profile to identify and differentiate fraudulent behavior from genuine customer behavior. With pattern recognition, CashShield can detect micro-changes even on completely new transactions with no historical data to identify whether or not it is fraudulent. 


Relying on risk scores and self-configured risk templates may give you the confidence of the human element, but it is also prone to human error and risk-averse fraud prevention.

CashShield’s fully automated decisioning algorithm views all transactions as part of a portfolio to generate decisions that are optimized for the best sales outcome. As a result, genuine borderline transactions that would have been failed by risk-averse fraud prevention can be passed by our system, allowing for significantly higher acceptance rates and revenue growth for you. 


Our profit-centric solution puts your business as our prime focus. Rather than relying on hard rules, our unique technology allows you to maximise your upside while limiting your downside at the same time. Choose a partner who understands your business and assists you in realizing your full potential.


CashShield removes all unnecessary buying limits and manual reviews that restrict your growth and acceptance rates. Our fully automated system allows greater user experience, leading to better conversion rates. Without limits, you can expand globally and scale up easily without a worry.


CashShield reduces the cost of managing fraud by 35-50%, with the elimination of manual reviews or the need for multiple fraud tools. On top of that, CashShield’s fixed cost policy with no setup, monthly, maintenance or update fees. This ensures that your fraud costs are well under control. With that, you can redirect your resources to your core competencies and focus on achieving your business goals.


CashShield is the first solution to offer a full 100% Chargeback Protection for both physical and digital goods since 2008. We have the confidence to give the full protection you deserve, no matter how high risk your industry in.  We take fighting fraud seriously, as do bearing responsibility for our decisions.


Good fraud solutions help you to mitigate fraud risks. CashShield helps you eliminate fraud risks, improve customer service and expand on your business potential. Traditional fraud solutions focus only on lowering fraud as much as possible, even if it undercuts your sales potential. At CashShield, we want to help our merchants achieve growth – placing our focus on optimizing sales. Don’t let fraud prevention get in your way of becoming bigger and better; let fraud prevention help you get there.

About the Company

CashShield ( is an award-winning SaaS based self-learning fraud prevention solution for online businesses. Our optimised risk algorithms combines the latest fraud detection technology with Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Big Data to compute the best decision for accepting/rejecting each transaction in real time. Established in 2007, we set out on a mission to pioneer research within the highly unexplored field of cyber fraud risk management in order to develop an optimised online fraud protection solution. Since then, we have helped our partners, which include major Telcos in Europe and the US to enjoy 300 - 1,000% revenue growth by removing the unnecessary buying limits imposed by their PSPs. We render manual review (eyeballing) processes obsolete, empowering companies to slash their cost of managing fraud, scale up their operations and allowing them to regain focus on their core competencies. More than just fraud prevention, CashShield maintains an unprecedented 100% Chargeback Protection for Digital Goods and is the first fraud solution designed for optimising sales conversions.

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