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In the near future, robots will deliver groceries, help take care of us in our homes, and assist in disaster recovery. We are pioneering legged robot technologies to solve the mobility challenges and enable this future.


We design and build truly exciting machines that are agile, efficient and capable of handling highly dynamic maneuvers. They are robust, successfully negotiating large ground surface variations in height or softness.  They are quiet, with only noise from an electric motor and footfalls. 


A key strength at Agility Robotics is our careful consideration of the interaction between passive dynamics, which are generated by the physical hardware such as springs, and software control. We gain insights from animal morphology and behavior, while making design choices appropriate for robots. 


We build upon a simple spring-mass model, originally created to explain animal running and walking gaits, and first demonstrated on a machine with ATRIAS. By building machines and designing controllers based on this scientific foundation, we are targeting the agility, efficiency, and robustness of animal locomotion. 

About the Company

Agility Robotic's legged locomotion expertise is built on a history of academic research, including the bipedal walking and running robot ATRIAS. Agility Robotics is leveraging this work to create products that address the real world needs of rugged, efficient, and highly capable mobility platforms.

We build machines today for academic, corporate, and military research and development, working towards a diverse range of near-future applications:

Research machines: Cassie, a bipedal robot for walking and running, is available for research and development markets.

Military: Legged robots have the potential to save American lives, by scouting ahead into unknown spaces and serving as a mobile sensor platform that can go where people go.

Telepresence, remote sensing, and search and rescue: Robotic legged locomotion will enable live, real-time sensing with human-like mobility.

Delivery and Courier service: A fleet of autonomous vehicles will deliver packages to your curb; a robot will take it to your doorstep. The entire system will be fast, delivering groceries in time for dinner; it will be less expensive than shopping in a store; and it will utilize existing roads and walkways. Automated delivery logistics will revolutionize the retail market.

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