Central Pricing Engine

Central Pricing Engine

GK Software


In an integrated omni-channel concept, the GK/Retail Central Pricing Engine ensures homogeneous pricing, the consistent application of an infinite number of promotions and loyalty activities as well as the accurate calculation of refunds across all channels. The cloud-based solution is designed to handle a very large number of price calculations simultaneously, across multiple channels and in real time.


  • Centralized, cloud based solution that ensures price accuracy in an omni-channel environment.
  • Solution calculates promotions and loyalty activities in real time for shopping baskets in different sales channels.
  • The solution also calculates refunds and hence prevents the incorrect interpretation of promotions or discounts which could enable abuse of the system.

About the Company

GK Software AG has become the leading store solution provider to Europe’s largest retailers with stores around the globe. Currently in over 38 countries, we continue to expand along with our customers throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Our mission is to remain focused on our core values of service, innovation, precision engineering, and disciplined management. These values will deliver superior service to our customers, foster innovation, ensure product quality, and contribute to improved retail practices around the globe. These principles have been fundamental in our ability to support leading retailers with their international expansion into more than 30 countries earning us a considerable European market share.

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