CIRA - Cognicor Intelligent Response Automation

CIRA - Cognicor Intelligent Response Automation

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CIRA (Cognicor Intelligent Response Automation) is a cognitive platform (patent pending) based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. It combines the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Learning Algorithms to maintain the successful balance between control and flexibility.


  •   Ease of Development
  •   Easy Integration with your existing CRMs 
  •   Deployment in 30 days*
  •   Easy connect with Live Chats and Agent Dashboards

CIRA’s core capability depends on understanding your customer intention accurately. We take great care in making sure that the CIRA engine captures the intent of the customer query irrespective of how it is asked.

  • Learning from existing Data sources - CIRA engine is equipped with learning capabilities and has the capacity to get better with time. It can learn from chat logs, policy documents and instruction manuals etc. This results in low maintenance overhead for the enterprise. 

You can deploy a CIRA powered virtual agent in a channel of your preference.

On your Website: CIRA powered agent becomes the primary means your customers connect with you. By setting different policies CIRA can guide the user to: 

  • Fully Automated Self Service
  • Integrates easily to your web site
  • Get answers, troubleshoot issues, interact 24X7 

Smart dashboard for Agents

  • Empowering your Call Agents Assist with customer issues on the first call
  • Resolve issues, claims and queries for the Call Agent 

Deployment model: The CIRA engine can be connected to your organization via the cloud or on premise. 

CIRA Cloud

  • Our hosted instance, fully customizable and branded with your preferences. 

CIRA Appliance

  • On-premise deployment for you to install inside your server environment. 

How can a Virtual Agent help?

Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. Once high end yesterday, is outdated in a year. Keeping up with such rapid technological shifts can be a daunting task, and no one understands the dilemma better than businesses who have to periodically revamp systems. The internet is one such invention where significant strides are being taken in recent times. Since the early 2000’s, the internet has served as a playground for innovation. Whether it be online retail, information dissemination, social networking, public relations, marketing or access to most private and public institutions. Cognicor is among one of those innovators crafting a new technological path in the field of customer relationship management with the intelligent virtual agent and cognitive query resolution. 

In customer relationship management (CRM), a virtual agent is a chatterbot program that serves as an online customer service representative for an organization. Because virtual agents have a human appearance and respond appropriately to customer questions, they lend automated interactions a semblance of personal service. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with a graphical representation, virtual agents are increasingly used in CRM to help people perform tasks such as locating information or placing orders and making reservations. The program learns from the search keywords and adapts to user inquiries, hence increasing the efficacy of cognitive query resolution. It can be beneficial for various industries where customer relationship is the central to business interests. Let us take a look at a few of those industries and what a virtual agent can do for them.

About the Company

Artificial Intelligence powered cognitive digital assistant platform (US patent pending) that understands customer query from natural language and responds with personalised product and process related information, recommendations, process handholding and resolve claims and issues going deep into invoices and CRM. Featured as one of the hottest startups in EU by WIRED magazine and the winner of British Telecom's "Delighting tomorrow's customers"​ award, its clients include top telecoms and banks from Europe and Asia. With offices in Europe, India and San Francisco, the company is seeking to expand its client base in US, Europe and Asia in banking and financial services, telecom and insurance sectors.

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