Cloud OS for Desktop 3D Printers

Cloud OS for Desktop 3D Printers



3D print anything, anytime, from anywhere.

What is AstroPrint? Slice, Store, and Print your 3D files from any web enabled device. In addition, you can monitor your 3D printer and organize designs in the cloud.

The AstroPrint Cloud Slicer: Free, fast, and easy to use! Slice and keep all your files organized in the cloud.

Extend the Reach of your 3D Printer: Set your 3D printer loose on the web! Connect an AstroBox and you will be able to monitor and control your printer from any web enabled device.


Help Your Customers 3D Print Better. Cut your customers' setup time in half and give them the tools they need to get successful prints right out of the box.

  • Optimal Presets for your Customers: Customize slicer settings for your customers for your specific printers and materials so they can start printing quickly without having to be a slicing expert and without having to download or install setting files.
  • Analytics: Make your customer experience flawless by improving user settings and reducing failed prints.
  • Communicate With Your Customers: Strengthen your brand by staying connected with your customers. Keep them informed of your latest news and announcements straight through the AstroPrint interface.

About the Company

AstroPrint is the Android of the 3D printing industry. 

Based on the motto “Simplicity + Content = Value,” the AstroPrint software platform makes 3D printers incredibly simple to operate and connects them to a cloud based 3D printing App Store. This allows AstroPrint to become the default platform for 3rd party content development and distribution for the entire 3DP market. Monetization occurs through commercial licensing of the platform and a 70/30 revenue share on the 3DP app store. AstroPrint is currently compatible with 80% of desktop 3D printers.

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