Commercial Business Planning

Commercial Business Planning

D2 Pharma Consulting, LLC


There are many facets that need to come together to ensure successful commercialization of a new product or extending the life of an existing product. It is crucial to build a business plan that will prioritize opportunities to build maximum brand value by fully understanding all of the current market drivers that impact success. For new products building this business plan begins 12 to 18 months prior to commercialization. Our team of experts will provide a rigorous review resulting in a complete market assessment, competitive analysis and comprehensive business plan.


  • Our services cover the spectrum of activities from pre-launch, launch, and post-launch, in addition to lifecycle management. Our team of experts can identify opportunities to maximize the performance of your portfolio at any stage in the life cycle of your product(s).

About the Company

D2 Pharma Consulting LLC is an independent consulting firm founded by two partners with deep experience in the healthcare sector, including all aspects of commercialization/distribution and a broad scope of business development expertise. Their goal was to bring together industry experts with a proven track record of real world experience to build a truly best-in-class consulting firm.

The D2 team of professionals brings decades of experience from the top tier organizations in Healthcare Distribution, PBM, Biopharma and Specialty Pharmacy. Each member of the D2 team brings a varying scope of expertise that in combination creates a powerful force providing excellence and value to D2 clients.

In addition, D2 is a member of several key industry organizations, including the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), Healthcare Distribution Management Organization (HDMA) and GS1 US. D2 team members serve on various boards and committees including Pharmacist Letter-Advisory Board, National Council of Prescription Drugs Programs (NCPDP), Texas Pharmacists Association, Bio DFW, Industry Board NACDS and GS1 EPCIS Subcommittee.

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