Communicate Beyond Barriers

Communicate Beyond Barriers



Ava connects family, friends & coworkers. Together you're stronger.

In every pocket, a smartphone. Ava make them work together so you never miss a conversation again.


  • Experience 24/7 accessibility. 
  • Anytime, anywhere.
  • Business meeting or family gathering? A trip to the grocery store or hanging out with friends? Ava is always here for you, no matter when or where.

About the Company

Grabbing lunch with friends, attending a last-minute business meeting, a joyful Thanksgiving dinner often turns into a painful experience for 400 million people with hearing loss. Lipreading stays the only affordable solution to follow daily group conversations, and it's not even a good one. 

This is no more. Engineers & designers with 60 years of combined experience with hearing loss, we designed & built from the ground up the solution to bring the information where you find it reliable: in the visual world. 

We called it Ava, for what it is: an Audio Visual Aid. 

Ava is a 24/7 personal mobile captioner, making group conversations the delightful experience it should be.  Using unique advanced speech & mobile technologies, Ava as an app enables you to see who says what around you, in seconds. 

She swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and we do the rest. 

Ava is breaking communications barriers between the deaf & the hearing world. 

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