Complete Environmental Sensing

Complete Environmental Sensing



Real-time Air Quality Data

  • Instant and detailed readings from every sensor.
  • Understand hyperlocal environmental levels through individual sensor readings.
  • Scalable system architecture handles everything from personal air quality monitoring to complex distributed sensor networks.

See Past & Current Trends

  • Aggregate analytics help you effortlessly understand information across all of your sensors.
  • Trend analysis shows how environmental levels have changed over time.
  • Intelligent data storage for immediate access to both past and current data.

Networks with Embedded Security

  • Sensors install incredibly easily and data starts streaming in minutes.
  • To suit every need, sensors can be used on an individual basis or configured into distributed and/or mesh networks.
  • Secure wireless communication comes standard with every sensor so that your data stays yours.


  • Complete Environmental Sensing: ChemiSense’s environmental sensors cover every major factor of air quality. No other sensor until now has been able to provide meaningful information on so many different levels.
  • Advanced Software: By treating every sensor as a connected device, we create distributed sensor networks that provide real-time information and analytics. And that’s just scratching the surface.
  • Proprietary Technology: ChemiSense’s chemical and particle sensor technologies were developed internally by world-class engineers from CalTech, Princeton, and UC Berkeley.

About the Company

Our team is devoted to helping people better understand air quality in order to live healthier, save energy, and protect the things that matter most.

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