Connect All Employees Instantly

Connect All Employees Instantly

Branch Messenger


Increase Retention & Employee Satisfaction.

Get more done with your employees in less time, and create a happy productive workforce.

Pick up shifts: Trade shifts, or pick up new shifts with other coworkers instantly.

Message coworkers instantly: Chat in real-time with any coworker individually, or in a group chat.

Reminders for updates: Receive reminders for new shifts, team messages, and company updates.

Track wages and overtime: Shows how much you make based on time spent at location


  • Communicate: Ensure your team is always on the same page with instant messaging and company updates
  • Accountability: Receive read receipts, and monitor employee activity from any location
  • Integration: Integrate with your existing cloud services for a user-friendly experience with minimal effort


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Higher productivity, employee satistfaction, and ROI.

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