Connected Car IoT Platform

Connected Car IoT Platform



Be a Smarter Driver

Treating your car the right way starts with knowing more about it. Mojio helps you make informed decisions that keep your car healthy and safe for as long as possible.

  • Know your driving costs
  • Improve gas mileage
  • Automate trip expensing

Get Expert Knowledge

You can stop guessing what's happening under the hood. Mojio tells you everything you need to know about your car, so you will always be prepared to make the right decision.

  • Know the condition of your car at all times
  • View detailed diagnostic information
  • Make informed decisions at the shop

Simplify Your Day

When you're well prepared, it means facing no surprises, and being ready for everything the road may throw at you. Mojio helps you get back to enjoying the ride.

  • Get traffic updates
  • Coordinate ridesharing
  • Find parking and nearby gas stations

Stop Worrying

Whether it's your spouse, your BFF, or your teenage son, you can keep an eye on the status of your ride at all times. And if you're behind the wheel? Then Mojio will seamlessly link you up with them.

  • Monitor your car remotely
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Choose to automatically share your location


  • Trip reporting made easy. Automated and accurate.
  • Stay connected to those that matter. Safe, secure, and social.
  • Parking, gas stations, and traffic. Stop searching, and let Trek tell you.
  • Everything about your car. In your pocket.
  • Cloak knows if your car is safe. Now you will too.
  • Discover your car's secrets. Start using Gauge now.

About the Company

We live in an increasingly open and connected world, and we think your car should be connected too. Founded in 2012, Mojio is the leading open platform for connecting cars. By unlocking secret data from nearly any car, Mojio helps enterprises and drivers save money and keep an eye on what matters most. 

For drivers, Mojio provides an expanding marketplace of apps and services that provide accurate, near real-time information about what’s happening under the hood and behind the wheel. Thanks to partnerships with leading cellular providers, Mojio connects drivers with their vehicles at all times, making the services they depend on faster, seamless and more reliable. 

For enterprises, Mojio enables intelligent data analysis that unlocks previously unavailable revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities. With near real-time access to vehicle-specific or aggregated data, Mojio empowers decision-makers with secure, stable and scalable data solutions. 

For developers, Mojio facilitates the efficient integration of vehicle data into new and existing applications. Supported by Mojio’s Developer Center, developers have open access to advanced tools and resources, including interactive documentation and tutorials, mobile SDKs, and a vehicle simulator.

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